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Services & Eco Tourism Rates

All services require 50% deposit upon reservation. We also offer group and non-profit rates. Food/drink/lunch and transportation costs are not included, but we can provide these services. If you’re interested in going for a boat ride, please give us a call.


Private Power Boat Eco-Tours

We offer customized and private power boat Eco-Tours for up to 6 people. Each tour will be hand-crafted to suit the specific interest of each lucky passenger. Depending on the season, specific interest and the current pulse of the waterways, your once-in-a-lifetime experience awaits you.

Life jackets  are provided with rental.

*Transportation and lunch can be purchased separately.



Guided Eco-Tours

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime.

Fly Creek Paddle – Fun easy paddling trip in the protected waters of Fly Creek or the outside waters of Mobile Bay. Great for families, groups or individuals.

Bay Minette Creek/Bay Minette Bay – Paddle up the clear waters of Bay Minette Creek through hardwood swamp to the head waters. The other option is to paddle down the creek to the marshes of Bay Minette Bay/Basin through a maze of sloughs and wild rice with totally different and diverse fora and fauna.

Chocolotta Bay/Big Bateau and Little Bateau Bay Area – Paddling in the brackish waters of Chocolotta Bay into Big Bateau Bay and the option of an extended trip into Little Bateau Bay. These waters are habitat for migrating waterfowl, shorebirds, wading birds, a variety of other birds and other wildlife. This trip offers lots of opportunities for birders and photographers.


There are numerous locations in Mobile and Baldwin Counties where we can take you for an adventurous and scenic paddle meandering through the Mobile-Tensaw Delta birding, fishing, or searching for shark-teeth, a slow paddle along the shores of the Mobile Bay, or group/family fun in Fly Creek. Range of rates is based on length of trip, number of people, launch location, tour interest and specialties.


Gear Rental

We offer rental of canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, and overnight camping gear. Life jackets/PFD and paddles are provided with rental.

Gear rentals range from hourly to multiday overnight trips.




Environmental Education


With the wide variety of ecosystems in our backyard, the opportunity for learning and growing about the environment and ourselves is endless.



17 Turtles of the Gulf Coast

  1. Gulf Coast Box Turtle
  2. Eastern Mud Turtle
  3. Eastern Chicken Turtle
  4. Southern Painted Turtle
  5. Red-Eared Slider
  6. Florida Pond Cooter
  7. Eastern Snapping Turtle
  8. Common Musk Turtle (aka stinkpot)
  9. Florida Softshell Turtle
  10. Alligator Snapping Turtle
  11. Striped-Neck Musk Turtle
  12. Gulf Coast Spiny Softshell Turtle
  13. Gulf Coast Smooth Softshell Turtle
  14. Alabama Red-Bellied Cooter (Alabama State Reptile)
  15. River Cooter
  16. Southern Black-Knobbed Map Turtle
  17. Mississippi Diamondback Terrapin

**Wildlife can be aggressive; especially if provoked or feels threatened. Never approach, throw things, try to pick up, or kill any wildlife, even if it’s injured.